With no explanation from the government, fanfare by aid groups, nor coverage by domestic or foreign media, Libya’s most notorious migrant prison, Al-Mabani, officially closed on January 13, 2022. In its roughly 12-month lifespan, the prison became emblematic of the unaccountable…
"Hope springs eternal." These three words from the poet Alexander Pope speak to the necessity of stubborn optimism. This phrase is also the motto of The…
How best can journalism render a realm that is so foreign and deliver stories so urgent?
In public policy and popular imagination, the sea has long been treated as a bottomless trash can.
The only thing more shocking than how fast we are removing fish from the sea is the reason we’re doing so.
The sea has always been a metaphor for freedom – an escape from governments, laws and much else.
At sea, violence, debt and distance create captivity.
In pursuit of the mother of all crimes offshore
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The Outlaw Ocean Project